At Slick, we believe in giving back, so we created The Slick Degrees Foundation. We are laser-focused on three key impact areas: Education & Children, Housing/Food Insecurity, and Veterans/Military Families. A portion of every single gallon of heating oil purchased through Slick goes directly into our communities via The Slick Degrees Foundation. Together, with our nonprofit partners, corporate partners, and customers, we can be the change we wish to see in our communities (shout-out to Ghandi).


and counting! 






"As a leading provider of home heating oil, we're not only deeply committed to providing the best service and price, we're committed to improving the communities where we operate and the lives of the people who call them home. We've learned that a true degree is the amount of, or the extent to which, something happens or is present.  We're all connected in some fashion and most of us are out there doing the same thing...trying to be the best we can be. Remembering that we are all connected is the simple mantra that has defined us as a company and served as the catalyst to forming The Slick Degrees Foundation."



PJ Solomon & Chris Buchanan

Co-founders, Slick Energy, Inc.  

The Slick Degrees Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Slick Energy.  A per gallon donation from every gallon of heating oil sold is used to fund our projects, donations, and missions.



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