We are always thinking about our impact areas: Education & Children, Housing/Food Insecurity, and Veterans/Military Families--and their interconnectedness. These impact areas fall under a really big umbrella: Gestures of Good Fill. This is the lense through which we view our philanthropy. Stay warm, everyone! 

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      Happy Holidays from Slick Energy!

In late December, we delivered much-needed hats, gloves, and scarves (and a few games!) to the Lawrence, MA shelter network of Casa Nueva Vida. This organization provides shelter and support services to 150 families in Boston & Lawrence, MA. We look forward to partnering with Casa Nueva Vida in 2020!

December 2019: Slick helped the New England Center and Home for Veterans with their Gift-A-Vet Program; over 400 Boston-area veterans had their holiday wish lists fulfilled through this special initiative. The mission of NECHV: "To equip veterans who are facing or at-risk of homelessness with the tools for economic self-sufficiency and to provide them a path to achieve successful and dignified independent living."

Slick's October 2019

Gesture of Good Fill helps military families save $$ on heating oil as winter approaches. We want these special members of our community to stay warm! Click here for more information. Want to help? Match our offer and be a part of Operation Double Duty:

Click here for our interview with A Bed For Every Child's Program Director, Tina Giarla.


    A Bed For Every Child


In December 2018, the Slick Team traveled to Lynn, MA for a morning of service at A Bed for Every Child's Holiday Build A Bed. We support this organization's mission of providing new beds and bedding for kids who are growing up in poverty. We know that sleep is vital to academic success and we want these kids to stay warm this winter in their new beds. Check out this video of our holiday bed-assembling! 


  School, Supplied 


94% of public school teachers spend their own money on classroom supplies. So in September 2018 we decided to help first-year teacher Shannon Beaton stock her Winthrop classroom. The thank you notes we received from Shannon's fourth-graders warmed our hearts. We'll be checking in on these kids throughout the year to see what else they need! Find out why Shannon decided to become a teacher by clicking here.

Santa Needs Help, Too. 


Toys for Tots has collected & delivered over 500 million toys  since its inception In 1947. As a Gesture of Good Fill in December 2017, Slick donated 5 cents/gallon to this veteran organization. Cheers!         

COVID-19 Information

This pandemic has exposed the incredible need to direct resources to our Slick Degrees Foundation impact areas, particularly food insecurity and veterans' assistance.


Please consider donating to two organizations on the front lines, keeping people fed and housed: Daily Table  (nonprofit community grocer) & New England Center and Home for Veterans (housing for homeless/at-risk veterans). We have volunteered for these organizations in the past, and will do so again soon!

Click here for Slick Energy's COVID-19 response that benefits The Greater Boston Food Bank .

Lastly, visit community partner Nesterly's COVID-19 City of Boston food/essentials delivery & elderly resident check-in service: Nesterly Good Neighbors. Volunteers welcome!

The Slick Degrees Foundation is the philanthropic arm of Slick Energy.  A per gallon donation from every gallon of heating oil sold is used to fund our projects, donations, and missions.



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